The Countdown Is On!

With less than a week before the curtain rises, we decided to take a balcony seat and check out the sights and sounds going on inside the Theatre.


We found out that today is a very important day — it’s the first “Technical Rehearsal” for The 2011 Christmas Show. Up to now, all the elements of the show have been worked on individually, and today is the first time that “all the pieces of the puzzle” will be put together. So, at this rehearsal, the lights, costumes, sound, sets, music and performers will all be incorporated to create the full show.


In addition to putting all these elements together, this is also considered a “Stop and Go” rehearsal, where the show will start from the beginning, but each time something needs to be moved, tweaked, or adjusted, everyone stops and holds their position until the adjustment is made. Once corrected, the rehearsal continues on.


Just before the rehearsal formally begins, we find that the orchestra is on stage warming up, the singers and dancers are in costume and in their positions waiting for their cues, and the crews are busy securing sets, checking sound levels, testing lights and making sure props and stairways are sturdy and safe.


Overseeing this entire production is Artistic Director, Andrea McCormick, making sure that every aspect of her vision for the show is carried out. From what we’ve seen, we’re sure that Andrea and her cast and crew are creating a show that guests of all ages will love.