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Load-In & Parking

Parking for tour buses and/or semis is located directly behind the stage. Please see current parking lot spec for details.

There is shore power at the venue, located at the center of the back wall. There are three (3) 50-amp RV receptacles for tour use along with three (3) 20-amp GFCI receptacles below.

Loading doors at stage level:

  • Covered loading dock, 7′ 11″ x 8′ door
  • Ramp to stage level, 12′ x 12′ door


All rigging needs must be advanced with AMT. We have accommodated very complex rigging plots for Broadway tours, but due to the construction of our grid, flexibility is required. All bridles must hang below the walking grid indicated below and pass through 10″ loft wells to reach the high steel.

Loft wells run perpendicular to the proscenium at Center Line, and 9′, 18′, 27′, and 36′ L & R of Center.

There are no FOH sound rigging points downstage of the proscenium, therefore most artists stack their PA on the apron as opposed to flying it.

FOH Lighting Truss rigging points are available. See the attached Rigging Plan.

AMT can usually clear linesets for moving lights, backdrops, etc. when advanced. With the current production, some linesets are not able to be cleared.

  • High Steel: 61′
  • Walking Grid: 55′


AMT’s house lighting plot is a “repertory plot” designed to accommodate our in-house productions as well as touring artists with minimal changes.

AMT can provide basic re-focusing to accommodate specific needs, however, any necessary requirements above and beyond this must be advanced at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.

Lighting consists of (4) electrics, four side ladder positions, and two FOH catwalks.

Please see the attached lighting plot for more information.
• (3) Lycian 1275 Long Throw Follow Spot (on catwalk above seating)
• Black velour fiber-optic “star drop” as upstage backdrop (cannot move)
• Black velour fiber-optic “star legs” (2) per side
• Ultratech Radiance Hazer SL&SR


(10) 4′ x 8′ riser sections with skirting (misc. 12″, 18″ and 24″ legs)

Stage Dimensions

Proscenium Width: 56′
Proscenium Height: 24′
Stage Depth: 34′ w/crossover behind US wall
Apron: 13′ at center line
Trim Height: 24′
Grid Height: 61′


All electrical needs including stage, sound and backline power must be advanced with AMT.

  • 100A, 3-phase, to cam-loc’s, SR
  • 600A, 3-phase, to cam-loc’s, SL


Our in-house PA System consists of a Clair Brothers C-Series line array and CS218 subs with Lab.gruppen amplification and DBX Driverack EQ. We also have (1) Yamaha PM5d-RH on stage and (1) Yamaha CL-5. All other sound and backline needs must be advanced.

  • State-of-the-art flown, stereo line array system; custom designed, built and installed by Clair Bros. Audio and Clair Solutions, Summer 2018
  • The C-series line array is a 3-way box, boasting a frequency response of 60Hz – 20KHz (+/- 3db) and features Clair proprietary TruFit technology with continuously variable wave guides, custom-tailored to our room
  • There are eight (8) boxes per side and three (3) hung as a center-fill (on a separate matrix)
  • Four (4) CS218 High-output Subs are flown, on a separate matrix, each consisting of 2×18″ drivers with power handling up to 2800W, each. Two (2) additional CS218 subs are installed, left and right, in the proscenium, at stage level
  • Four (4) Clair FF2 front-fill speakers cover the downstage edge and are also driven from a separate matrix
  • The entire system is powered by Lab.gruppen Amplification and Lake Processing and will easily reach 110+ db (A-weighted) at FOH


ETC EOS Console, with up to 80 submasters /playback faders and 4 DMX universes.

Note to LD’s who carry their own console: Use of all AMT intelligent fixtures, conventionals, and scrollers in the plot requires four universes of DMX.


AMT has two large projection screens (144″ x 192″) hanging in the house on either side of the stage. Projecting onto these screens are Panasonic PT-EX800 LCD projectors at 7500 lumens each. These projectors are used for in-house preshow ads and can be used for IMAG or show video.

AMT can accept composite, VGA, and HDMI signals from stage right or the front of house booth.

AMT has (2) Sony 3 CCD cameras that can be used to provide IMAG.

Hospitality & Catering

AMT requests that all current hospitality riders be provided to the Production Coordinator directly. We do not have kitchen facilities in-house, so all catering needs must be advanced at least 2 weeks prior to your show. AMT is a dry venue and therefore does not provide alcoholic beverages. Please plan on stocking your bus at the previous venue if necessary. AMT is a non-smoking venue. We ask that smoking be confined to outside the loading dock area or on the Greenroom balcony. Wired Ethernet connections and WiFi are available throughout the venue. WiFi name and password are available at advance. A small Guest Production Office is located backstage and contains two tables, a multi-line phone, a wired Ethernet connection, WiFi, and a private bathroom. If required, faxes can be sent to and from our main office fax #, (717) 397-7850. Please request that all incoming faxes be marked “Attention Guest Production”.

Dressing Rooms are located one story above stage level and are accessible by stairs or elevator.

  • (2) “Star” Rooms with full private bath
  • (1) “Star” Lounge
  • (2) Large “Chorus” dressing rooms

AMT Production Contacts

Show Contact
James Hall
Concert Stage Manager
717-397-7700 x6411

Gordon Liggit
Audio Engineer
717-397-7700 x6300

Anthony Roslevich
Lighting Designer
717-397-7700 x6417

Alice Howard
House Manager
717-397-7700 x6417