Southside Johnny in the News

Here at American Music Theatre, we’re quickly approaching a milestone of 15 years of bringing top-notch entertainment to Central Pennsylvania. Over that short-time we’ve had Grammy, Tony, CMA and even Oscar winners, grace our stage in Lancaster. With that kind of pool of talent, it’s fun and rewarding to see acts that either have performed, or are slated to perform, make headlines in the news.


Recently, New Jersey native and rock legend Bruce Springsteen announced his SSJ-Blog upcoming Spring tour that takes him and the E Street Band to large venues throughout the US. The one question on everybody’s mind — apart from how do I get tickets — is who will be filling saxophonist Clarence Clemons’ legendary shoes on this tour? Upcoming AMT performer and one of Springsteen’s longtime friends, Southside Johnny, knows the answer:

“He’s stealing my saxophone players to replace Clarence, so we steal from each others’ bands occasionally,” he told Ontario’s Kitchener-Waterloo Record in an interview (read it here). points out that Bruce toured with The Asbury Jukes’ sax section two other times. So it looks highly likely that the sax players won’t get much down-time for quite a while.


Excited to see Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes? Don’t miss out on their show on February 24. Click here for tickets and more info. Until then, here’s a clip of the band performing one of their hits, “I don’t want to go home.”