Our Guests Are Gushing!

With one week of performances under their belt, our cast is presenting a terrific, high-quality Christmas Show that guests are raving about. We’re thrilled to know that they’re thoroughly enjoying the music, singing, dancing, costumes and staging. Here is a sampling of the types of comments we’re hearing from guests who’ve seen the show:


— “The singers and dancers were top notch. We would not be able to find a higher standard of entertainment at any other establishment!”

— “It was delightful. We loved it.”

— “Everything was wonderful — not a dull moment at all. Beats NY shows any time!”

— “Can’t wait to see it again!”


In addition to enjoying an exceptional show, guests are being treated to gorgeous decorations as they enter our lobby. Three magnificent Christmas trees in shades of blue, lavender, silver and white are true highlights on the lobby balconies, while giant snowflakes and fluffy white snow can be seen everywhere.


If you’re ready for a true Christmas experience, make sure you attend The 2011 Christmas Show. As one guest put it — “Just a really great show that puts you in the Christmas spirit!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

If you’d like to check on show times, ticket prices, and seating availability, click here.