Martina’s Theatre Tour Headed to AMT

At the beginning of her theatre tour this past April, Martina McBride posted the following blog on her website:

Hey everybody,


On the bus on the way to Panama City for our first show of the theater tour and thought I’d just jot down some thoughts.


I am so excited about this tour. After having played arenas for the past several years, I had the opportunity to play a Martina-graphic1 couple of theaters last fall in New England. I LOVED it so much, I came home, called my manager, and said, “Can I go do more of that next year???” It was so amazing to be able to really see and hear the audience. To have a show where I can pace it slower and more relaxed. In an arena I always feel like my mission is to keep people up on their feet all night, to never let the show drag, to go, go, go. I am so drawn to this idea of being able to do a different kind of show.


With our intimate, 1,600 seat theatre, Martina should be able to see and hear the entire audience when she performs here on October 5. She may be excited to be playing in smaller venues, but not as excited as we are that she chose AMT to be one of them.


Martina McBride — Friday, October 5 at 8:00 p.m. — Purchase tickets here


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