1. Dreamboat Annie

    The Ethereal Woman
  2. Dreamboat Annie

  3. Dreamboat Annie

  4. Born To Fly

    Significance of Color
  5. Born To Fly

    About the Song
  6. When You Believe

    The Scarf
  7. When You Believe

    Hurry Missy!
  8. The Climb/Climb Every Mountain

    Back-Up Vocals
  9. Boy From The Country

    Youth Actors
  10. Boy From The Country

  11. Brave

    Color Change
  12. Brave

  13. That Lonesome Road

    Escape Stairs
  14. Live Like You Were Dying

    Visual Interpretations
  15. True Colors

  16. When I Get Where I'm Going

    Hitting the Mark
  17. You'll Never Walk Alone Medley

    The Band's Monitors
  18. The Prayer

    Sarah's Train
  19. You Raise Me Up

    Mike Lambertson
  20. You Raise Me Up

    The Fog
  21. Amazing Grace

    A Greater Purpose
  22. Make Someone Happy

    New Couples
  23. I'm Yours/Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  24. Can't Help Falling In Love

    Design Themes
  25. Can't Help Falling In Love

  26. Harvest Moon

    The Ribbon Lift
  27. My Heart Will Go On

    Working Together
  28. America

  29. America Medley

    Video Projection
  30. American Medley

    The Songs
  31. Seven Bridges Road

    Performing A Cappella
  32. I'm Alive

    The Voice Overs
  33. Happy

    Graphic Poi
  34. Something In The Water

    Performer Safety
  35. Bridge Over Troubled Water

    Inspiring Thoughts
  36. You Learn/You've Got A Friend

    One Last Look
  37. Beautiful Day/You're The Inspiration

    The End Result