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Donny Osmond

Due to a recently diagnosed vocal chord polyp, Donny Osmond’s concert at the American Music Theatre in Lancaster, PA has been rescheduled to Thursday January 21, 2016.  A full recovery is expected and Mr. Osmond looks forward to performing for you in January!

For over five decades, the world has watched critically acclaimed singer, actor, dancer, and talk show host Donny Osmond develop from a young boy singing with his older brothers to a seasoned performer.  Donny and his brothers gained fame as The Osmonds and became very successful teen idols with hits such as “Yo-Yo,” “One Bad Apple,” “Down By the Lazy River,” “Puppy Love,” and “Go Away Little Girl.”  Later, Donny forged a successful solo career on TV and the stage, and currently headlines the #1 show in Las Vegas with his sister, Marie.

American Music Theatre is proud to welcome all types of shows and concerts to our stage. Sometimes during the course of a performance, audience members will show their enthusiasm by standing and dancing, or may approach the stage, especially when encouraged by the performers to do so. Please know that AMT will make every effort to insure the safety of all guests, while presenting an enjoyable experience for everyone.