AMT Completes $1.8 Million Audio, Facility Improvements

Since our debut in 1997, AMT has featured both touring concerts and original shows on our 56′ stage, welcoming over 250,000 attendees a year to our more than 300 live performances annually. While AMT has consistently delivered high-quality events to all of our attendees, the theatre has recently re-invested into environmental efficiencies, including a new roof, upgraded lighting, and HVAC system, as well as a state-of-the-art sound system.

For the audio system upgrade, Clair Brothers and Clair Solutions, out of nearby Manheim, PA, created a powerful, yet highly efficient, sound system. In fact, as Jim Martin, Executive Director at AMT explains, “We now have a system that has twice the output potential but uses 40% less electricity than was used before, and is remarkably crystal-clear. This upgrade, with its significant electricity savings, is part of a 1.8-million-dollar facility improvement. These enhancements will substantially lessen our theatre’s energy consumption while improving our patrons’ experience. It’s a win on all sides.”

Says Jim Martin, “Twenty-two years ago, we installed a top-of-the-line audio system from Clair Brothers that has served us well. As we learned of Clair Brothers’ new speaker technology, we were hopeful about what it could mean for our room. We recognize this system as the best technology on the market today. It is truly an acoustically true fit which allows our patrons a world-class concert experience.”

“Any room presents challenges in that walls reflect soundwaves, which can cause several undesirable effects, from an acoustics standpoint. Clair Brothers’ TrueFit series, with its ability to guide audio, all but eliminates deflection from the sidewalls and was chosen for that exact reason. It gives the room an incredibly clean, acoustically-accurate sound. Our room boasts unobstructed views from all seating options and a more contemporary design. The TrueFit system, with its compact size and impressive results, fit naturally into our room and does not detract from any audience or performer sightlines,” said Brandon Martin, AMT’s Director of Production.

Additionally, we recently completed work on our roof in an effort to mitigate the impact that the sun has on the venue’s energy use, and also installed a brand-new HVAC system as the new system has the benefit of being more efficient. The theatre’s over 5,000 square feet of lobby lighting was also updated to new energy-efficient lights and bulbs. The reason for all of these facility improvements is simple, says Jim Martin – “Our patrons trust us to provide the latest technology and highest level of production value. Our goal is to assure them of the best concert experience they will ever have.”