What Would You Rather?

would you ratherWe recently overheard a question and answer game of “Would You Rather” in the Theatre’s lobby between several pre-teen guests. “Would You Rather” pits one option against another in an attempt to present a dilemma. It’s a common conversation starter or party game that has expanded into board games, card games, and more. Hearing it in the lobby prompts us to ask:

If you had to choose, would YOU rather …

… be a character in your favorite game or be a member of your favorite band?

… live without music or live without TV?

… be able to hear music or be able to see colors?

… listen to only old Broadway music or only Christmas music?

… be the best-known person in a small band that under 200 people know or be a person on the sidelines of your favorite band?

… live in the classic music era of 1990’s America or 1970’s Britain?

…smash a guitar in front of a sold-out audience or be able to pick out your favorite to own?

…attend the Grammy’s one time or attend the MTV Music Awards every year for five years?

…be internationally famous for one incredible song or never have a single debut above #200 but have a small, dedicated fanbase?

…listen to your least favorite song all day or not be able to listen to your favorite song for a whole year?

…be a famous singer or bring back your favorite singer who passed away?

…listen to electric guitar or acoustic guitar?

…shred like Slash or dance like Michael?

…never listen to music again or give up the internet for a year?

…be a talented songwriter who can’t sing or a great singer who can’t write their own songs?

…go to a randomly selected concert once a month or go to a concert of your choice only once a year?