Two Performers Graduate to Leading Roles at AMT!

American Music Theatre is overjoyed to announce that two of our youth performers have graduated to leading roles in this year’s Christmas Show! We are glad to welcome Madison Paige Buck and Brandon Cameron to the next big leap in their careers. To commemorate this occasion, we’ve conducted interviews with the rising stars. But before we show you their enthusiastic responses, we’ll start with a little background on Madison and Brandon:

Madison Paige BuckMadison Paige Buck: Singer

Madison is ecstatic about returning to the AMT stage after last appearing back in 2010 in the Christmas Show as a part of the youth ensemble. Since then, she’s received a Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre from Temple University. Some of her favorite credits include Les Misérables (Cosette), Crazy For You (Polly Baker), and She Loves Me (Amalia Balash).


Brandon CameronBrandon Cameron: Singer/Dancer

Brandon most recently appeared as a teen performer in Crooners. He also thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Les Misérables (Jean ValJean), Aida (Mereb), and Next to Normal (Gabe). He is absolutely thrilled about performing at AMT as an adult.


Interview with the Actors

When did you know the stage was where you wanted to be?

Madison: “I always knew the stage was my place to be! My first performing experience was as one of the Three Wise Men (or as I called them ‘the Three Wise Guys’) in a local church production when I was four years old. Since then, my love and passion for storytelling and singing has only grown. I continued to perform through middle school and high school, eventually leading to majoring in Musical Theatre in college!”

Brandon: “I’ve always loved music and dancing! I discovered musical theatre around the age of seven and have been performing ever since.”

When did you first perform on the AMT stage?

Madison: “The first time I performed on the AMT Stage, I was 15 years old! I was a member of the youth ensemble in The 2010 Christmas Show”.

Brandon: “In The 2013 Christmas Show: The First Noel in the youth ensemble.”

What is your favorite AMT experience so far?

Madison: “This one! Being an adult cast member has been so rewarding and fulfilling. I am so grateful for this company and these people!”

Brandon: “It’s hard to pick a favorite experience from AMT. I especially enjoyed being a part of Crooners in 2016. I love the music and atmosphere of the Crooners era! Home for the Holidays has absolutely become a favorite as well!”

What is the leading role you’re performing in the Christmas Show?

Madison: “I am one of five adult female singers in the cast. I have the privilege of playing multiple characters throughout the show, which makes it super fun!”

Brandon: “I am a singer/dancer in this year’s Christmas Show.”

What’s your favorite aspect of the character you’re portraying in the Christmas Show?

Madison: “My favorite part of my character in this show is that I get the opportunity to explore and sing all different types of music, everything from pop to traditional to spiritual to country.”

Brandon: “My track in this show is very challenging and extremely fun! From family dinner at home to Santa’s Candy Workshop, the characters are full of life and energy to keep me on my toes.”

What is your favorite moment in the show?

Madison: “My favorite moment in the show is our ballroom section, but specifically “Home for the Holidays” and “The Christmas Song” because it’s relaxed and fun to be around the piano with my fellow singers and just enjoy each other’s company and make music.”

Brandon: “There are too many to choose from! One of my favorite moments is “One Solitary Life/Hallelujah”. The beautiful voices, dancers, and staging make for a very powerful number.”

What do you think will be the audience’s favorite aspect of your character and their favorite part of the show?

Madison: “I think the audience will appreciate the song selections and the glorious costumes! I think their favorite part of this show will be the North Pole section.”

Brandon: “I think audiences will enjoy the variety and vitality of the show! It’s truly a beautiful Christmas show, full of fun and inspiring pieces.”

Is there anything else you want to add?

Madison: “Thank you so much for supporting live theater, and enjoy the show! Happy Holidays! Love to family and friends, and thanks to Andrea and Matt!”

Brandon: “It is an absolute blessing to be a part of Home for the Holidays! I’ve loved growing up at AMT and am honored to be a part of the adult cast!”

See You At The Show!

Join us in giving Madison and Brandon a warm holiday welcome in The 2017 Christmas Show: Home for the Holidays! Let the Christmas spirit fill your heart as you watch them perform across our festive stage. Contact us at (800) 648-4102 or reserve your tickets online today!