The Treasure Next Door

Band-CountryClassicsJust a stone’s throw to the west of AMT, is a beautiful old piece of history – The Willows Covered Bridge.  Built around 1855, The Willows Covered Bridge is actually a combination of two bridges which years ago linked neighboring townships.

According to information posted on the bridge, both original bridges were slated for demolition in 1962.  Mr. Adolph Neuber, then owner of The Amish Farm and House (another AMT neighbor, which is still in operation today,) was given one of the bridges from the County of Lancaster to preserve this historical landmark.  Mr. Neuber purchased the second bridge to repair the rotten wood on the first.  With the help of a friend, the bridges were restored and combined to complete The Willows Covered Bridge.

This bridge was named for Mr. Neuber’s restaurant, The Willows, which was located on the property where American Music Theatre stands today.  Every piece, except the wood shingles, is from the original bridges.  The original handmade spikes and bolts were reused during restoration.  The floor is red oak while some cords are white pine.  The arches were cut from pine trees that were 150 years old when cut, therefore making part of the bridge’s wood over 300 years old.

Today, there are less than 30 registered covered bridges in Lancaster County.  On the Pennsylvania Dutch CVB website, you can find additional information about the County’s covered bridges, along with five driving tour maps.   We are privileged to have this wonderful treasure right next door, and even used it as a backdrop for still photographs (above) and videos seen in our current Original Show, Country Classics.