The Time Jumpers with Special Guest Vince Gill

The Time Jumpers have become local legends in Nashville, TN, and have earned a large and loyal following for their lively take on classic Western Swing and old-school country.  Along with the evening’s Special Guest, country star Vince Gill who joined the group in 2012, these first-call session musicians, who enjoy playing together for the fun of it, include Dennis Crouch, Larry and Paul Franklin, “Ranger Doug” Green, Kenny and Dawn Sears, Andy Reiss, Joe Spivey, Jeff Taylor and Billy Thomas.  The Time Jumpers have played at Nashville’s Station Inn since 1998, and released a debut album, the self-titled The Time Jumpers, in 2012.

The Time Jumpers’ Special Guest, country music legend Vince Gill, will treat guests to a special set that includes many of his own hit songs, prior to performing as a member of The Time Jumpers later in the evening.