They Did WHAT?

I came across a fun article on Yahoo Music entitled “First Jobs of Famous Musicians,” written by Paul Rosales.  The article served up a slide show of celebrated musicians who had some interesting early professions.  Mr. Rosales wrote “Before these musicians delivered spectacles onstage, they were ordinary people making a living with ordinary and, in some instances, unusual day jobs.”


How many of these artists’  first jobs did you know about?


– Gene Simmons of Kiss was a high school English teacher
– Queen Latifah flipped burgers at a Burger King
– Kanye West started out in the customer service department at Gap
– Rod Stewart dug graves
– Madonna worked at a Dunkin’ Donuts to pay the bills
– Guitarist Jack White upholstered furniture
– No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani served ice cream at a local Dairy Queen
– Kurt Cobain of Nirvana spent time as a janitor
– Sean “Diddy” Combs mopped restrooms
– Korn’s Jonathan Davis was an embalmer
– Macy Gray, Faith Hill, Pink, and Shania Twain all worked for McDonald’s
– Mariah Carey served as a coat checker
– Jon Bon Jovi designed Christmas decorations


Well, they all had to start somewhere!


Donna  American Music Theatre

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