Get Your Sugar Fix with Ear Candy

Prima-Monster-Music-CabaretI’m not going to mince words here – I have a sweet tooth – a MAJOR sweet tooth.  I actually believe that all of the teeth in my mouth are sweet teeth.  They crave sugar.  Chocolate predominantly, however, they will not scoff at nougat, caramel marshmallow or syrup.  Nor will they turn down any sort of baked good (except perhaps those prepackaged fruit cakes…they give me the heebie-jeebies…).

And suffice it to say the sweet teeth never have been or ever had a problem.  In fact, the dentist says I have a nice set of chompers.  Although, as I have gotten older the sweet teeth and I have had to have many discussions on why we can not always have what we want because the metabolism isn’t what it used to be and it takes more “maintenance” to get through the temptation.

Therefore, with that in mind, I have had to look to other ways of pacifying my desire for sugary goodness.  And my friends, if like me you find yourself in the same predicament, might I suggest a wonderfully low-calorie substitute…

Ear Candy!

…and what is ear candy you ask?  It is not some new sort of diet snack, nor bejeweled decoration for the ears that whispers “you don’t need to eat that”.  IT IS a super sweet musically tasty treat for one’s ears and it can be found, at this time for tricks and treats, at PRiMA’s Monster Music Cabaret.

Monster Music is a delightfully dark celebration, directed by the weird and wonderful Mr. Dan Deal (previously known as “Principal Deal” from PRiMA’s Glee Club), which theatrically celebrates everything this time of year that makes you want to howl at the moon (or raid your kid’s candy stash).  A conglomeration of wickedly fun pop music and diabolically delicious musical theatre that includes sweet sounds from the likes of Sondheim, Sinatra, The Eurhythmics as well as the King of Rock and the King of Pop.

For a performance, this scintillatingly spooky, not just any venue will do.  I am pleased to announce Monster Music will take place in the Lancaster Quilt and Textile Museum in a room fit for ghoulish good times with its molded stone wall panels and barrel vaulted ceiling.  Live musicians and PRiMA’s talented professional performers will delight cabaret attendees with a performance in the round, in which the audience will encircle the motley lot.

If your sweet fangs are craving something new to sink themselves into this fine Halloween season, come join me and this ghoulish gang on Sunday, October 28th at 7 pm, or Hallow’s Eve (October 31) at 8:30 for this monstrous musical celebration.  Carve your pumpkin, ride your broom (or vacuum cleaner) over to for tix, wear all black (as it is slimming and will hide that bulge from too many Reese’s PB Pumpkins – trust me I know) and remember to stay out of the daylight!


Steph – the PRiMA Bloggerina

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