The 2018 AMT Show: Songs of the Silver Screen

Movie buffs of all ages will delight in this live musical journey through the most beloved cinematic hits from movies past and present. This all-new Original Show reminds us of how magical music can be, and how chart topping movie hits have become the soundtracks to our lives.

Our dynamic singers, dancers, and musicians will introduce you to a trio of friends who can’t get enough of the stars and songs that fill the silver screen. Join in on their awe-inspiring journeys as they take in the sights and sounds of romance, adventure, drama, action, western, and fantasy flicks.

With memorable selections like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Exodus,” “Footloose,” and “The Wind Beneath My Wings,” this show is bursting with plenty of songs that will evoke profound emotions and fond memories from audience members.

“Let’s Go to the Movies” with Songs of the Silver Screen, a non-stop musical adventure filled with instantly recognizable hits from the greatest musical moments in cinematic history.