The Oak Ridge Boys Reviews

  • Reviewer: Tammy B

    The group still sings great songs and has energy for their ages. Enjoyed the stories and music, a great show.

  • ★★★★★Reviewer: Liz C

    Exceptional show

  • Reviewer: Shirley H

    They put on a very good show. Love their music.

  • ★★★Reviewer: Ryan E

    Handicapped parking was terrible. I arrived 45 minutes early & had to park all the way in the back of the lot with my father (who is paralyzed & in a wheel chair) when any overweight jackass with a handicapped tag can park in front. Then, we had to sit behind some guy in a huge cowboy hat. Come on… Save the hat for the fields, not the concert hall. It’s a shame that there can’t be a policy about that kind of crap. Honestly, probably my last show here. Very disappointing.

  • ★★★★★Reviewer: Margaret M

    Great show our group loved every minute of the show! Raving review from all 16 in the group! Thanks!

  • ★★★★★Reviewer: Amy M

    The atmosphere is incredibly fun!

  • ★★★★★Reviewer: Sheri D

    Amazing show!! loved the interaction with the audience!

  • ★★★★★Reviewer: Sharon W

    It was a great show and the price was very reasonable.

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