PRiMA’s Glee Club Enters its Sophmore Season

In case you’ve been under a rock PRiMA-Gleethe last few weeks – it’s summer!  The days are longer, it is hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk and, to quote shock rocker, Alice Cooper, school is out for summer, albeit not forever.  Just as winter melted into a very warm spring and that spring into a hot and muggy summer, before we know it mass retailers will be touting backpacks and lunch bags in lieu of pool noodles and sunscreen.  And, even though classrooms across the country are empty, extracurriculars are still running strong with practices, camps, and lessons keeping the school-age youth of Lancaster County busy during summer vacation.

One may think that the sultry summer break is a great way for students to form new friendships and allow old rivalries to cool off.  Most individuals will head back to school refreshed, having “grown up” over their vacation. And yet, there is always an exception – and as proof, I would like to offer up the scholastic scuttlebutts arising downtown at PRiMA High School (haven’t heard of it?  Just wait).

The school’s Glee Club has grown, to quote my mother, “a bit too big for its britches” causing a rift between the students and staff.  The teachers of this fine learning establishment – wanting nothing to do with these musical misfits – seeks out a vocal club from the local private school, Heavenly Angels School for Girls.  I’m sure you are imagining what could happen next…

If any of this plot sounds remotely familiar (and to my dear teacher friends I hope it doesn’t sound familiar because it is reality!), imagine the aforementioned crisis set to music.  Music from the likes of the Jackson 5, Donna Summer, Cyndi Lauper and Katy Perry….

Get it now?

If the thought of high school drama set to music makes you gleeful then my friends you are in luck.  Back for a sophomore season, PRiMA’s Glee Club will be rocking the halls of PRiMA High (known to non-Gleeks as the Ware Center) once again.   Mirroring the Fox smash show, Glee Club promises to be an evening of forged friendships, love triangles and magical musical numbers that encourage audience participation, lest you want to end up in Principal Deal’s office.

Much like summer relationships, this evening of harmonious high school hijinks won’t make it to Labor Day – performances are July 29th and August 5th (7 pm) and tickets go fast.  So make sure to dust off your lettermen’s jacket, pom-poms, and school uniforms for an evening you’ll never forget.

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Getting ready for some rock n’ roll high school,


– Steph

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