Music Video Roundup #3 – Live Clips

As part of a recurring blog feature here at AMT, we occasionally share classic music videos of upcoming AMT performers. This time around, I thought I’d put a spin on it and have it just showcase live videos of the artists performing. Live concert video is a great way to see the true talents that an artist has, and because we’re a live music venue, live clips seemed like a perfect match. So here goes…

Jewel with Beyonce – Proud Mary

So, kinda obvious here, but this isn’t a Jewel original tune. Nor is a song that you’d expect to hear on any of her albums, but it does showcase the vocal chops that Jewel carries. Plus, this is just a fun, exciting tune, and the duo of Beyonce and Jewel leave something to be ‘Proud’ of (I couldn’t resist).



Rodney Atkins – Watching You

Switching gears, here’s a clip of country musician Rodney Atkins performing live at the infamous Grand Ole Opry. A sweet, wonderful song about a son trying to be like his dad, sounds as big as the boy’s dreams in this video. The whole song is spot-on thanks in part to Rodney’s super backing band.



Gary Allan – It Ain’t The Whiskey

Here’s a pretty fresh video from country singer/songwriter Gary Allan. This version of “It Ain’t the Whiskey” was filmed a bit over a year ago, and it shows the power and dynamics that Gary can pull off when it’s just him and his acoustic.



Colbie Caillat – Killing Me Softly

Here’s another cover song that’s done very well. This time, singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat performs a stripped down version of the classic tune “Killing Me Softly.” Her version slows it down a bit, and yet still pulls in the same heartache and sadness that the original song possesses. A very cool cover of a classic song.



Mike Rathfon is a member of American Music Theatre’s Marketing department. He can be reached on Twitter @MikeRathfon.