Music and Movies – Will Ferrell

will ferrellSince the start of film, music, and movies have created some incredibly memorable pairings, and we’ve touched on some of them in a previous blog post. As a refresher, though, who doesn’t immediately think of creepy, momentum-building piano part for JAWS, or the intensity of Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, or even Simon & Garfunkel’s many tunes in THE GRADUATE? The list could go one (more on that in future posts, no doubt). And there, of course, have been more wonderful pairings of music, from the pitch-perfect Johnny Cash impression in WALK THE LINE to the incredible performance in RAY, these films, and many others, meld music and film in a wonderful way when done well.

There have also been some more comical musical pairings in recent memory. From the hilarious use of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in WAYNE’S WORLD to the spot-on bluegrass renditions of Americana songs in O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU, we’ve seen a vast array of musical styles astound us and become a part of our everyday world.

Which, interestingly, leads me to Will Ferrell, as the subject of this post. The SNL alum has an intimate connection to an upcoming show that we think is just too good of an opportunity to not mention.


Now, with a special guest like Christopher Walken acting like a big-name producer working on the song “Don’t Fear The Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult, one may think that’s hilarious enough to keep the laughs coming (he was in Wayne’s World Two, in a similar role, if you’re interested), but Will Ferrell, in what can only be described as an amazing wig, turns the sketch into an iconic moment. And, with the help of Walken and a pair of drumsticks, a catchphrase was born.



On the dawn of Will Ferrell’s step into top film billing, he was in the hilarious college-themed comedy OLD SCHOOL. In a scene where he’s trying to honor a recently deceased fraternity brother nicknamed Blue, Ferrell sings a rousing, heartfelt, and borderline off-key, rendition of “Dust In the Wind.” After which, he caps it off with the sincere, iconic line.

Kansas & Blue Oyster Cult are performing together (without Will Ferrell, but we’d welcome it if he did) on April 7, 2016 at AMT. It should be a fantastic show filled with these two hits and plenty of others. Tickets are on sale August 15 at 9 am.