3 Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day

valentine's day - two woven hearts on blue backgroundHeart-shapes and red bouquets are inundating the scenery – that means Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. Whether you have a fellow celebrant or not, it’s customary to partake in some classic affection rituals.

If you aren’t already planning on coming to one of our shows for your celebration of love, don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of great movies to watch. Whether you like romantic, classic, or “rom coms”, there’s something here for you. Check out some of our favorite Valentine’s Day movies:

Roman Holiday

A diehard classic, Roman Holiday will tug at your heartstrings as it pulls you along for the ride. Audrey Hepburn portrays a decadent debutant to Gregory Peck’s grizzled veteran journalist as they set off on an adventure of self-discovery.

Their universes collide when Hepburn, a crown princess, arrives on an official tour of Rome. Peck finds her, and, without knowing her fortune, invites her to stay during a time of distress. Upon finding out her station, Peck intends to write an expose and make millions. However, after spending time getting to know each other, he faces an internal crisis of conscience.

P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You appeals to the sentimentalist on the deepest levels. Gerry, played by Gerard Butler, and Holly, played by Hilary Swank, are a married couple enduring a crisis. Their lives get turned upside down when he is diagnosed with brain cancer.

When he suddenly succumbs to his illness, she is visited by family and friends but remains emotionally devastated and alone. Upon receiving a mysterious letter that feels suspiciously familiar, Holly realizes that her late husband has arranged to speak to her after his untimely death. Over a series of letters, he encourages her to embark on various adventures to learn how to live again.

The Notebook

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams play Noah and Allie, the star-crossed lovers of South Carolina in the 1940s. The Notebook treads familiar but welcome ground in forbidden love. Battling station and war itself, the couple endures.

Despite overwhelming odds and other lovers, they hold unquenchable flames for one another that cannot be rend. With such insurmountable challenges, however, can love survive?

If you’re in the mood for romance, but aren’t afraid to get a little teary-eyed, The Notebook may be for you this Valentine’s Day.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to do for Valentine’s Day, check out the shows at AMT! We have a slew of shows to celebrate the most romantic of months.