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Location:  Kitchen Kettle Village
3529 Old Philadelphia Pike
Intercourse, PA 17534
Distance From AMT:   13 Minutes


The Kling House Restaurant is the home of Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA. The house nurtured three generations of Klings and Burnleys before the Lancaster County farmhouse became a restaurant. The front porch, living room, dining room and office remain in tact but now we greet hungry guests for breakfast or lunch.

Although coconut cream pie has become our signature dessert, the breakfast or lunch menus are full of Lancaster County recipes which feature Kitchen Kettle Village products.



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Sample Menus & Resources

Family Style  and Specialties Menu


Kling House Logo

Kitchen Kettle Village



Helpful Hints

  • Kling House is not open to the public for dinner. Your group will enjoy an exclusive dining experience with the place all to yourself.
  • Kitchen Kettle Village also has convenient options for dining on your own during the day that can be arranged separately.   


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Dining options booked through AMT include show ticket, meal reservation, and all taxes and gratuities