Kids and the Cake Boss

Cake BossIt’s January, and a new celebrity concert season is about to begin. Throughout the year we receive requests from guests asking if they can meet their favorite performer when they attend the concert, get a photo with the star, ask for a “Happy Birthday” shout-out from the stage, or even have the performer involved in a wedding proposal.

One of our upcoming performers who generates a lot of fan requests is Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss.  The fact that Buddy is such a popular guy isn’t the surprise … it’s the age of the fans who are making all the requests.  It seems that Buddy is a big hit with the kids.

When Buddy brought his “Bakin’ with the Boss” tour to AMT in 2012, it seemed like half the audience was 14 and younger.  They were armed with signs asking to be called up to the stage to participate in cake decorating contests, stood in line to buy cookbooks and Buddy mementos at the merchandise table, and surrounded the Carlo’s Bakery truck to take photos in the parking lot!

Buddy’s returning to AMT on January 24, and just like in 2012, we’ve received quite a few personal requests from some of his adoring adolescent fans.  Only time will tell if any or all of their Buddy-mania dreams come true, but one thing’s for sure … Buddy Valastro’s got the kiddies eating (cake) right out of his hand!