New Kid, Meet the New Girl!

In a not so long ago posting, I wrote a little dittyJosefina-PRiMA on why you should get to know the new kid on the block – PRiMA Theater Company.  I’ll offer a slight refresher in case you forgot or didn’t have the opportunity to check out any of their offerings.  PRiMA puts amazing fresh spins on musical theater.  Their shows delight the senses and remarkably fun for anyone to watch.  It is top-notch, energetic theatre that has been fortunate to have an amazing support system backed by the likes of American Music Theater and the outstanding performers and dancers that reside in the area.

Very recently, the buzz about the “new kid” caught the attention of a dazzling young lady who has been dubbed (by ELLE magazine) the “new girl on the block”. Josefina Scaglione was an Argentinean stage actress working in Buenos Aires.  In 2009 she was hand selected by Mr. Arthur Laurentis (the 91-year-old director who wrote the iconic Musical West Side Story) to star in the revival of his remarkable 1957 stage creation.  Trained as an opera singer, ballet dancer, and actress, Ms. Scaglione caught the attention of Mr. Laurentis via (how’s this for the modern age) a YouTube video.  Fast forward two years through a successful completed run and a Tony nomination for Ms. Scaglione, as well as appearances in television and film.

So, how does the new girl continue a three-year skyrocketing career?  By pairing with WSS-Prima-Flyerthe new kid on a magical musical adventure, of course!  I am pleased to announce Josefina Scaglione will be a featured singer in PRiMA’s incredible production, The Music of West Side Story.  This unique concert experience will feature fresh revisions of Leonard Bernstein’s classic score.  Incorporating rhythms from musical genres such as rock and roll, jazz and gospel into classic Broadway tunes, The Music of West Side Story promises to produce melodious magic for the eyes and ears.

Appearing for two nights only, September 9th and 16th at the Ware Center in downtown Lancaster, The Music of West Side Story will dazzle.  I dare you to keep your hips still during the “Step Up” dance style competition Mambo, or not marvel at the sweeping beauty of songs such as Tonight and Somewhere. Tickets are available at

Glad to be friends with the new kids,


Steph – the PRiMA Bloggerina

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