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Jimmy Sturr & Jay Siegel’s Tokens

This concert was previously scheduled for July 17, 2020 and May 23, 2021.  All tickets held for the previous dates remain valid for the new date.

Jimmy Sturr, the internationally-known “King of Polka,” has won a Grammy for Best Polka Album 18 times, and his is the only Polka band to perform on stage at the Grand Ole Opry.  Arguably the most popular Polka band in America, Jimmy Sturr’s orchestra is on the Top Ten List of the All-Time Grammy Awards, and has acquired more Grammy nominations than anyone in the history of Polka music.

Best known for his soaring falsetto on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, the multi-talented Jay Siegel and his Tokens have also produced many American pop classics, including The Chiffons’ “One Fine Day” and “He’s So Fine”; Randy and the Rainbows “Denise”, Tony Orlando’s “Candida”, “Knock Three Times”, and “Tie a Yellow Ribbon”, as well as “I Got Rhythm” and “See You in September” by The Happenings.