The Important Role of Music in Our Lives

This week, the sad and frightening events that unfolded in Boston have touched us all. Below is an article that appeared in today’s Daily News that emphasizes how important music is to our lives and the role of music in our lives – even in ways we don’t immediately realize.

In aftermath of Boston Marathon bombings, Neil Diamond is happy his song ‘Sweet Caroline’ is providing some comfort

Diamond’s song has become a staple of Boston Red Sox home games — and now an anthem for all of the city
FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 2013, 2:58 PM


LOS ANGELES – Neil Diamond said he’s happy his “Sweet Caroline,” a staple of Boston Red Sox games, can provide comfort after the Boston Marathon bombing.  The New York Yankees, Toronto Raptors and other professional sports teams have played the song at games in the days after Monday’s deadly blasts, with fans and players often singing along.Boston-photo-300x144

[Photo caption] The song is played in honor of the Boston Marathon bombing victims at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday.  (Photo courtesy Elsa/Getty Images)

“There is a lot of comfort that music can offer,” Diamond told The Associated Press.  “In this particular situation, I’d much rather it not have happened than for ‘Sweet Caroline’ to become part of it.  But it’s obviously offering comfort to people and I feel good about that.”

Diamond spoke Thursday night at the Rock and Roll Hall induction ceremony.  He said he intended the song, first released in 1969 and addressed to Caroline Kennedy, to offer solace.

“I wrote it in a hotel in Memphis, Tennessee,” he said. “And I think there’s a little bit of God in that song.  I always have felt that.  There’s no accounting for what can happen to a song.  But this one had something special to it.”

Our hearts are with you, Boston.


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