Home for the Holidays

Do you remember as a child beingCMAS- SO excited for Christmas that you were unable to sleep?!  Or, if you were able to catch forty winks, you would be up at 4:30 begging Mom and Dad to please, please puhhhhhhh-leeaaassseee wake up so you could go downstairs and open your gifts.

Where as I was always able to sleep and my sister wasn’t (she was the up at 4:30 type), there was always a very strict rule at our house enforced by my mum. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES were you allowed downstairs on Christmas morning until she was armed and ready with the camera poised to capture our initial wide-eyed shock and the sheer magnitude of gifts under the tree.  Suffice it to say even now that I’m 31 and my sister is 26 it is still a tradition.

I should mention that my mom gets into the holiday spirit – really into it.  I am actually convinced my mum is a Christmas elf in disguise.  Everyone she knows is given a gift; right down to the mail and newspaper carriers.  I have to admit it is a rather endearing trait of hers, one that has started to rub off on me, so she was an obvious choice to bring as my “date” The 2012 Christmas Show: Home for the Holidays.

Nothing truly gets the ball rolling in preparing for Christmas more CMAS-2so than holiday music (except perhaps “Two hundred and fifty strands of lights with 100 individual bulbs per strand for a grand total of twenty five THOOOUUUSAND diamond twinkle lights”).  It fills our cars, homes, shopping malls (outlet centers) and restaurants this time of year.  Home for the Holidays is a delightful reminder of all the emotions, sights and sounds that make the holidays hold a special place in our hearts.  There is the jubilation of seeing family and friends and the thrill and joy of being a child at Christmas time all mixed in with the true meaning of the season (classic tunes such as “The First Noel,” “O Come All Ye Faithful” and “Silent Night”).

The show boasts a wonderful band and colorful arrangements put together by musical director Andy Roberts and backed by a talented cast that includes AMT faithfuls – Wes Cooke and Michelle Rajotte.  Also making appearances are PRiMA performers Kristen Brewer and Angela Walker, dance captain Missy Clayton, as well as a very adorable cast of youngsters.

AMT’s 2012 Christmas Show: Home for the Holidays has a little something for everyone in the family, whether they are an elf in disguise or a miserly scrooge.  If you’re looking for enjoyable holiday entertainment that will have you humming “Jingle Bells” (or “I Want Candy”) – load up the sleigh and head on over to AMT to begin a new family tradition.


Your elf in training,


Steph is a full-time stylist at Plum Salon and Spa, a part-time blogger extraordinaire for PRiMA Theatre Company.  Check out more of her zany musings at primatheatre.com.

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