Guitar Heroes – Guitars and the Legends that Played Them

Guitar legends have an amazing relationship with their guitars. They play, rip, and smash them, but most of all, they’re loved by the guitarists that use them.

Jimi Hendrix played a flipped over Fender Strat and made noises previously unheard of. Chet Atkins appropriately played a Gibson Country Gentleman. George Jones had his Harmony acoustic. Willie Nelson had his one-of-a-kind Martin named ‘Trigger.’ Johnny Cash, the Man in Black, played a black Martin D-35. BB King has his affectionately titled Gibson, Lucille. Bonnie Raitt plays a blue Fender Strat. Duane Allman played a Gibson Les Paul on ‘Layla’ and more. Elvis Presley rocked a Gibson J-200 acoustic. Bruce Springsteen played a Fender Tele. The Beatles’ George Harrison played the cool looking and sounding Rickenbacker. ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons plays a funky yet bluesy Gretsch Jupiter Thunderbird. Slash is notorious for playing Guns N Roses hits on a Les Paul. And where would “Stairway to Heaven” be without Led Zeppelin’s guitar virtuoso, Jimmy Page, playing the Gibson double-neck?

Check out what kind of guitar these music legends played, along with the styles that made them famous, with our infographic below. And comment below with your favorite guitar.