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Give Your Students a High Quality, Interactive Learning Experience

Our student-focused programs are led by professional, knowledgeable staff and tailored to meet the needs of your group. From conception through performance, we’ll show your students exactly how a production goes from an exciting idea to a full-sized live show seen and enjoyed by thousands. Bring your students to an interactive and FUN experience that even the adults will be excited to chaperone!

Exlusive Opportunities for Britain’s Best
May 5 – October 2, 2020
Students: $25
Chaperones: $22
Price includes cost of Experience and ticket to Britain’s Best

AMT’s Backstage Experience

This highly interactive workshop lets your students experience what it’s like to take center stage. Our team of theatre professionals will lead students as they explore our backstage area and go behind the scenes for a glimpse of the inner workings of the theatre.

Following their backstage tour, students will participate in a Q&A session with some of our highly acclaimed AMT singers and dancers to learn what it takes to be a professional performer. Finally, students will witness a demonstration of the technical aspects of the theatre before enjoying our live production of Britain’s Best. This tour is perfect for students of all ages looking to create a unique and memorable theatrical experience that takes them beyond the show and inside the magic.

AMT’s Music Performance Experience

Here’s an opportunity for your students to get a first-hand glance at what it takes to be a professional musician. This educational, interactive workshop will take your students behind the scenes with members of our orchestra and crew. They’ll get to explore what it’s like to be onstage and experience a full tour of our backstage area with an emphasis on musical performance. Students will then participate in a Q&A session with members of the acclaimed AMT Orchestra, witness a demonstration of the technical aspects of live theatre, and may be treated to a live performance by one of our elite musicians before enjoying our production of Britain’s Best. This tour is perfect for band students, students pursuing musical performance as a career, and music lovers of all ages. Be a part of the musical magic and give your students an experience they won’t soon forget.

Contact Alyssa Keshel, Business Development Manager, to discuss how we can create the perfect customized experience for your students!

Performance Opportunities

Shows at AMT begin the minute our guests enter the building into our beautiful, spacious lobby. Your group can add to the ambiance by performing a 25 minute set in the lobby prior to any of our Original Shows. We invite your group to be a part of one of our experiences and showcase their talents with us!

Please contact Alyssa Keshel, Business Development Manager, for more details or to book your date.

About Our Staff

We know quality is important to the programs you offer your students. At AMT they’ll be interacting with experienced professionals in the
entertainment industry who possess a wide range of expertise, education, and accomplishments. Our staff has:
• Performed with the likes of Mickey Rooney, Ray Charles and Blue Man Group
• TV credits both on and off the screen
• Performed across the globe from Broadway and national tours, to Carnegie Hall and cruise ships, to international destinations including Italy, France, China and Japan!

Student Group Policies

• Minimum group size is 15 – at least three quarters of the group must be students to qualify for pricing and programs
• Due to safety restrictions and space limitations, there may be size restrictions on some activities
• Suggested chaperone ratio is 1:10
• Chaperones are required to stay with the group through the entire program
• Leader is required to have emergency contact information on site for all students
• Students participating in either Experience will be required to submit a signed permission waiver, due with final payment
• 10% deposit due 90 days prior to the show
• Final count and payment is due 30 days prior to performance
• Orders are forfeited if balance is not received within 5 days of due date

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