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Give Your Students A High Quality, Interactive Learning Experience!

Led by professional, credible staff and tailored to meet the needs of your group, our student-focused programs are designed with students and educators in mind. From conception through performance, everything happens on-site at AMT. We’ll give your students an up close, hands on look at exactly how a production goes from an exciting idea to a live production seen and enjoyed by thousands. Bring your students to an interactive, educational and, most importantly, FUN experience that even the adults will be excited to chaperone!

The AMT Student Experience is the perfect solution!

AMT prides itself on creating Original Shows that are appropriate for the whole family. From conception through performance, everything happens right here. We welcome guests from 3 to 103 to enjoy our shows and know that your students will enjoy their time with us!

Please contact Alyssa Keshel, Group Sales Manager, at 800-648-4102 x 6421 to start planning your Student Experience today!

Option #1 – Show Only

Student groups can enjoy great pricing on any of our AMT Original Shows.
These high-quality musical productions are appropriate for all ages and feature professional performers from across the country.

Pricing Includes Show Ticket Only

The 2018 AMT Show: Songs of the Silver Screen
May 1 – October 5, 2018
Students: $13.50
Chaperones: $20.00

The 2018 Christmas Show: The First Noel
November 1– December 30, 2018
Students: $18.00
Chaperones: $27.00

OPTION #2 – The AMT Student Experiences

Backstage Experience:

Your students spend an interactive morning backstage with our cast and crew. Students are led on a tour of the backstage area, participate in a Q&A session with members of our cast, band, and crew, and witness a demonstration of the technical aspects of the theatre before they enjoy a live performance.

Career Exploration Experience:

A show takes so much more than the performers on stage to come to life. As your students tour the theatre, they meet members of the cast, production team, and band, as well as some of our marketing team and house staff. This is a great opportunity for students to learn about the variety of careers available in the theatre industry, both on and off the stage.

The Experiences will take place from 10:30am to Noon, allowing time for a lunch outing prior to our 3:00pm performance.


Pricing Includes Cost of Experience and Ticket to AMT Original Show
Available May through October

The 2018 AMT Show: Songs of the Silver Screen
May 1 – October 5, 2018

Students: $24.00
Chaperones: $21.00


Don’t see the Experience that’s just right for your group? Contact Alyssa Keshel, Group Sales Manager, to discuss how we can create the perfect customized Experience for your students!

Performance Opportunities

Shows at AMT begin the minute our guests enter the building into our beautiful, spacious lobby. Your choral groups can add to the ambiance by performing a 25 minute set in the lobby prior to any of our Original Shows. We invite your group to be a part of the AMT Experience and showcase their talents with us!

Please contact Alyssa Keshel, Group Sales Manager, for more details or to book your date.

About Our Staff

We know educators only want to offer top quality programs to their students. At AMT, your students will be interacting with experienced professionals in the entertainment industry with a wide range of expertise, education, and accomplishments. Our staff has:

  • Performed with the likes of Mickey Rooney, Ray Charles, Paul McCartney and the Blue Man Group
  • TV Credits both on and off the screen
  • Worked across the globe from Broadway and national tours, to Carnegie Hall and cruise ships, to international destinations including Italy, France and Japan

Student Group Policies

  • Minimum group size is 15 and ¾ of group must be students to qualify for pricing and programs
  • Suggested chaperone ratio is 1:10
  • Chaperones are required to remain with the group through the entire program
  • Leader is required to have emergency contact information on site for all students
  • Groups participating in the AMT Student Experience will receive waivers requiring parental signatures. Waivers will be due with final payment and are required for participation.

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