Fun and Unusual Guest Requests

nominees - red carpet entranceFor those who have seen a show here before, you’ll probably remember that inside the theatre we have video screens that announce upcoming shows, welcome groups, and acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries, and the like.  Over the course of any given year, the theatre can host upward of 300 shows, both Original Productions and Celebrity Concerts, and for almost every one of those shows, we receive requests from guests to have their special messages displayed on the video screen rotations.

Most of the acknowledgments are pretty basic, like “Happy Birthday, Mary” or “Happy 50th Anniversary, Jane and Frank.”  However, sometimes we receive requests that are a little more unusual.  Here are a few of the more interesting video screen guest requests we received lately –

Elizabeth – Happy 25th Anniversary of Your 29th Birthday

Happy Retirement, Roy – Can I Have Your Office?

Happy 50th Birthday, Smoochie – I Love You, Peanuthead

I Love You, Linda – Marry Me A Third Time … PLEASE!

We also receive a number of guest requests directed toward our celebrity performers.  We try hard to accommodate as many requests as possible, and many of our celebrity performers have been very gracious over the years in being involved.  It’s especially fun to be a part of a surprise request that comes from a guest’s friend or loved one.  Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to help coordinate six marriage proposals.  Four of those proposals involved a celebrity performer, and happily, all six “propose-ees” accepted!

Below is a sampling of just some of the many celebrity performer requests we’ve received – I’ll use “Mr. Smith” as a stand-in for the celebrity.

I’m celebrating my birthday at the concert.  Can you get Mr. Smith to sing Happy Birthday to me?

I know that Mr. Smith calls audience members to the stage.  I’m sitting in seat B-304.  Please ask him to pick me!

I have a check for Mr. Smith’s charity.  Can I take it backstage and give it to him personally?

How can I get Mr. Smith to sign my banjo/hat/photo/shirt/book/guitar/record album/program/golf clubs/poster/etc.

Can I come in and decorate Mr. Smith’s dressing room?

Could you please give Mr. Smith this apple pie I baked for him?

I’ll give you $50 if you can get me on Mr. Smith’s meet and greet list.

I must admit that last request was quite tempting!  There’s no telling what interesting or unusual request might come in next week!



Donna Haefner is a member of American Music Theatre’s Marketing Department.  She can be reached at