Eating My Way Through December – Food-Related Days

food-photo-5-christmas-feast1-300x226One of the highlights of the holiday season is indulging in all the wonderful food.  As a foodaholic, I wondered if there were more days, in addition to Thanksgiving, that were specifically devoted to the enjoyment of food.  With the help of Holiday Insights, I learned from my internet research (believe what you will!) that there are many wonderful eating days in store for me in the next couple of weeks.  So join me as I pull on my elastic-waist pants and savor the food-filled days of December!

12/1 – Eat a Red Apple Day – At least we can start the month off with healthy food.

12/2 – National Fritter Day – A fritter is a fried cake or dough with fruit or meat inside.  You can use the apples you didn’t eat yesterday to make apple fritters today.

12/7 – National Cotton Candy Day – Cotton candy is a popular summertime treat, so why do we celebrate this day in December?

12/8 – National Brownie Day – A personal favorite, especially with a glass of milk and a second brownie.

12/9 – National Pastry Day – Oh, where do I begin?

12/11 – National Ring Noodle Day – Holiday Spaghetti-O’s just wouldn’t be the same without them.

12/13 – Ice Cream Day – Enjoy an ice cream cone, a sundae, or a milkshake today.  Or, set the diet aside and have one of each!

12/15 – National Lemon Cupcake Day – My favorite?  A lemon cupcake with chocolate icing … yum!

12/16 – National Chocolate Covered Anything Day – I’ll let you decide what is too extreme, and how much is too much, if any.

12/18 – Bake Cookies Day – How come Bake Cookies Day isn’t immediately followed by Eat Cookies Day?

12/19 – Oatmeal Muffin Day – I guess they had to toss in at least one other some-what healthy food.

12/22 – National Date Nut Bread Day – A second cousin to pumpkin bread, but it has its own redeeming qualities.

12/24 – National Egg Nog Day – Eggnog lovers are ecstatic that this day exists.  It’s loaded with stuff that tastes really good; it’s also loaded with stuff that’s not good for you.

12/25 – National Pumpkin Pie Day – Did you know there are at least two Christmas songs that sing the tradition of eating pumpkin pie for the holidays?  “Home for the Holidays” and “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.”

12/27 – National Fruitcake Day – A celebration of the rock hard, fruit-filled holiday cake.  Its density has hampered our ability to use carbon dating to identify the age of a fruitcake.  Unconfirmed rumors suggest that some fruitcakes are hundreds of years old.

12/30 – National Bicarbonate of Soda Day – After a month’s worth of indulging, nothing else could be more perfect.  Pass the Alka Seltzer, please!

Whatever you choose to indulge in this holiday season, ENJOY!



Donna Haefner is a member of American Music Theatre’s Marketing Department.  She can be reached at