Dance Explosion Blog – 9/5/11

We know how talented our Dance Explosion performers are, just by watching them ON stage, but we thought it would be interesting to find out some of the things they like to do OFF stage.  We recently asked them “If you had some free time on a Saturday, what might you be doing for fun?”  Here’s what we found out …

David Tanciar – Dancer  (Hometown – Garden City, Michigan)
Going bowling, or out to eat my favorite foods – Mexican, yum!

Melanie Gaskins – Vocalist/Dancer  (Hometown – Cherry Hill, New Jersey)
– You’d find me at Friendly’s or the dollar movie theatre

Gabriel Staznik – Assistant Musical Director/Drums/Percussion  (Hometown – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
– I like to watch ice hockey, and I golf (but not well!)

Corey Campbell – Dancer  (Hometown – Olive Branch, Mississippi)
– I’d be spending time outdoors, camping or sitting on the beach

Robin Church – Keys/Trumpet  (Hometown – Dodge City, Kansas)
– Flying model airplanes and taking aerial photography is fun for me

Ashlynn Thomas – Dancer   (Hometown – New Orleans, Louisiana)
– Look for me outside, probably at the beach, and if I’m not there, I’d be eating or sleeping!

Todd Mitchell – Vocalist/Dancer  (Hometown – Brandon,  Mississippi)
– I like to take my baby girl to the park and then get some ice cream

Mike Wittrien – Bass  (Hometown – Newton, New Jersey)
I’d either be reading or cooking

Emily Meola – Dancer  (Hometown – Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
– Shopping at Target or dancing

Michael Ness – Dancer  (Hometown – Chicago, Illinois)
– I like to go to dance clubs, watch TV and movies, and sleep!

Michelle Rajotte – Vocalist/Dancer  (Hometown – Haverhill, Massachusetts)
I love to window shop, but I’ll also carry store items around with me for a while, picture them in my life, put them back on the rack, and run out the door!

Brandon Hollinger – Woodwinds  (Hometown – Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania)
– Converting gas cars to 100% electric is a passion of mine

Missy Clayton – Show Captain/Dancer  (Hometown – Manchester, New Hampshire)
– I’d go somewhere to listen to live music and support the arts

John-Philip Bowen – Vocalist/Dancer  (Hometown – Oslo, Norway)
– You might find me going to a community park and reading, visiting my parents, or talking to my wife who performs in Las Vegas

Marisa Rivera – Dancer/Vocalist  (Hometown – Oviedo, Florida)
– I’d either be out swing dancing, watching movies, or going to the gym or the beach

Jessica Moryl – Dancer   (Hometown – Westminster, Massachusetts)
– Fun things for me are shopping and working out, and watching TV or movies

Andy Mowatt – Guitar  (Hometown – Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)
– I’d be playing basketball, traveling, hiking, or cooking – pot roast is my specialty!

Andy, we’ll be over for some hoops and pot roast about 6:00 on Saturday!!