Dance Explosion Blog – 8/30/11

– Techie stage left – you should have upstage in portal 2, one table with two chairs and two red fans – CHECK

– Also, black microphone stand with Marisa’s hand held in it in front of the monitor board – CHECK

– The top of the old microphone should be on top of the monitor board – CHECK

– You should have checked the height to make sure it is set for Todd’s height – CHECK

– You should have one gold staircase, one 60s staircase – CHECK

Perched above the last row of the balcony in the back of the AMT auditorium, Dance Explosion’s Company Manager, Matthew Gotwalt, takes his seat in the AMT production booth, a sort of Dance Explosion “command central.”  With just five minutes left until show time, he proceeds through each step of his pre-show check list with his technical crew before Dance Explosion begins.

Let’s rewind to two hours earlier, long before Matthew dons his headset and begins to “call the show.”

Matthew arrives at least two hours prior to each Dance Explosion show, as there is a lot to do before the curtain goes up.  In addition to being Company Manager, Matthew also serves as Wardrobe Manager, and checks to make sure that all of the previous show’s laundry is washed, ironed, repaired, and distributed to each performer’s personal area.  An hour before the show, the cast and band arrive and Matthew takes this opportunity to give them any information they may need for a smooth day’s performance.  Next, they’ll take the time to run any specific show numbers that may need to be “cleaned.”  This is also a great time for a sound check, especially if there was a celebrity concert the night before and the sound equipment was rearranged.  Matthew ends the session by warming up with the opening number, before each performer warms up on their own.

By now, it’s 30 minutes prior to curtain and Matthew informs cast and crew of how much time they have before show time.  He also communicates with the House Manager that the stage is set and ready to receive our audience.  The next call is 15 minutes, and Matthew now heads from the stage to the production booth.  This is followed by calls at 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and PLACES.

Matthew has made his way to the booth.  With only five minutes left until show time, all the technicians are on headset, and they go through Matthew’s pre-set check lists for scenery, props, and costumes.  Once all the stage and lighting checks are completed, Matthew calls PLACES, and the dancers, singers, band, and crew all go to their starting positions.

– We are standing by – House music out – Announcement and house to half

– House music out – GO

– Announcement – GO

– House to half – GO

The rest of us can now relax and enjoy the show, but for Matthew and his team, it’s the next phase of another busy day as the curtain rises once again on Dance Explosion.