Dance Explosion Blog – 8-22-11

Practice – Practice – Practice!  It’s probably safe to assume that our AMT dancers have heard those words more times than they care to remember.  Becoming an exceptional dancer doesn’t happen over night – it takes years of hard work and dedication, along with thousands of hours in dance class and probably more leaps, spins, and spills than those of us with two left feet can ever imagine.

To be good enough to make it as a professional, dance students spend years learning the essentials of technique, style, discipline, showmanship and more.  Here at AMT, we’re giving these young performers a chance to refine their skills by performing on our stage, in front of a live audience.

Dance students from around the region are taking advantage of an amazing opportunity to show off their best moves and entertain our guests prior to the start of a Dance Explosion show.

On select show dates, you can enjoy a performance by these amazing dance groups.  To see who is performing when, and to check out our Studio Performances page on our Dance Explosion website, click here.  You never know – you may see some of these up-and-comers dancing in a future AMT show!

P.S.  If you know of a dance studio who may be interested in taking the AMT stage prior to a Dance Explosion show, have them contact Meghan Young at or (717) 397-7700 X6200.