Dance Explosion Blog – 7/11/11

Welcome to our new Dance Explosion blog.  Each week, we’ll let you in on what’s been happening on stage and behind the scenes with the cast and crew of our newest show.  We caught up with AMT’s Artistic Director, Andrea McCormick, during a rehearsal break to get the scoop.

Last week was the first week of rehearsals for the cast of 14 singers and dancers, many of whom were meeting each other for the first time.  For the first couple of days, they were getting to know each other, becoming friends, and learning to work together as a team.  It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work – the dancers learned ten numbers in the first four days of rehearsal!

Andrea told us that all the vocal excitement and exhilaration that was in our most recent show, Music of the Night, is just as strong in the dance numbers in Dance Explosion.  This show really showcases the major talents of our exceptional dancers and singers.

In addition to cast rehearsals, it’s been “all hands on deck” for the crew.  The show is literally being built in real time around the dancers.  As they rehearse on stage, new set pieces and lighting rigs continue to arrive and are installed beside and above them every day.  And while all that is going on, the wardrobe department is busy working on costumes for the cast fittings each evening.  It’s a well-choreographed operation, with cast and crew working together and around each other toward a common goal.

In addition to our Dance Explosion blog, Andrea said she’s super excited about another new website feature – cast member videos.  Coming soon, you’ll have a special opportunity to meet each member of the cast via their website videos, even before you come see the show. Click here for our first installment (or watch below).

We hope you enjoy our new blog – Stay tuned for more exciting updates next week.