Covering Up v2 – 3 Cover Videos You Need to See

classic rock - records on a wooden tableIt’s been a while since we’ve posted some ‘cover‘ videos that have intrigued us as of late, and so I thought I’d share some videos that are making the internet go wild.

Thunderstruck by Steve’n’Seagulls

Not only does this band have one of the best names that I can imagine, they also do a rousing rendition of a beloved AC/DC song, “Thunderstruck.” Dressed in overalls and not much else, the band performs this electrifying rock hit on traditional bluegrass instruments. How well the song translates is not just telling of how good Steve’N’Seagulls is as a band, but also a testament to AC/DC’s songwriting abilities. 

Enter Sandman by Iron Horse

Sticking with the bluegrass sound is this cover of the iconic Metallica crossover hit, “Enter Sandman.” Compared to the previous rendition, this one feels a lot more at home in traditional bluegrass music as it boasts great, tight melodies at the chorus. The guitar and banjo solos might actually rival Kirk Hammett’s original solo, and this rendition of the song might possibly be creepier than the original.

Don’t Stop Believin’ by The Original Pine Mountain Railroad

This one made the cut because they’re wearing suits, singing a Journey song. Plus, it really looks like they’re having a ball performing this rock standard. Similar to the other performances, this group’s sheer musicianship is reason enough to follow the group, but when they pull out clever takes on classics such as this, it’s that much easier to enjoy the group’s music.

There are plenty more fun bluegrass covers to check out. If something catches your eye, let us know! We’d love to include it in the next post.