On My Christmas List … TALENT!

interview with santaWhen I was little, I used to have a Christmas list that took up at least two pages, single-spaced.  I remember the year I asked for a Barbie and was told that Santa thought I was too young.  A few years later, I remember asking for Barbie again, and was told that Santa thought I was too old.  Geez – I thought Santa and I were pals, especially since I’d go to see him at the mall every year and he neither confirmed nor denied that I was too young NOR too old for a Barbie.

Each Christmas, Santa would bring the usual board games or new clothes.  I began to think that Santa didn’t have time to read my entire list, because if he had, he’d put a fancy new Barbie under my tree instead of ugly old socks or a million piece puzzle.

Now, I know I’ve asked for some ridiculous Christmas gifts over the years – some I’ve received (and was sorry I asked for!) while others never materialized.  I’ve learned that you won’t get something you don’t ask for.

So, this year, I’ve decided I’m going to ask Santa for something really cool, and that only a lucky few people get – TALENT!  I’m talking about the kind of talent you need for being on the stage, like an actor, singer, dancer, or musician.

Over the last couple of days, from my second floor office cubbie, I could hear music coming from the theatre as the cast and orchestra (many of whom are young enough to call me Mom!) were rehearsing for The Christmas Show.  I decided to catch a few minutes of rehearsal to see what was going on.  They were having great fun with a lively little number, laughing at themselves and each other when they’d miss a cue or a dance step, or forgot to sing when it was their turn.

I sat there watching, wishing I could be on stage with them, having fun being part of the “gang,” and putting on this grand show for everyone to see.  I quickly remembered that to be up there, you needed talent, and that was something Santa never brought me.

So, Dear Santa, consider this my official request for talent – lots and lots and lots of talent.

I know it’s a big request, and Santa may not have time to read my list or may think I’m too old for a gift like that now.  If that happens, I’ll be disappointed, but I’ll be OK with it.  My destiny may not be to start a new career and have fun performing on stage, but you can bet that Barbie and I will be in the audience, having just as much fun enjoying the show from the other side of the footlights.



Donna Haefner is a member of American Music Theatre’s Marketing Department.  She can be reached at dhaefner@AMTshows.com.