Carol Burnett … We Have a Question

carol burnettLast evening, AMT welcomed a comedy genius, an actor, a singer, a dancer, a producer, and an author to our stage. No, we didn’t host six different individuals – just one. One incredible bundle of talent named Carol Burnett, who, in addition to the accomplishments already noted, is a multiple Emmy, special Tony, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Kennedy Center Honor, and Mark Twain Prize for Humor award winner!

The sold-out crowd was treated to an opening video that featured Ms. Burnett’s now famous Tarzan yell (which she performed live, later in the show!) and question and answer session snippets from her long-running television show before she walked on stage to a rousing standing ovation.

The audience was loving this classy, well-spoken, engaging icon, and she in turned seemed to love being here. Rumor has it that Ms. Burnett even spent several days in the Lancaster area before the show, taking in the local sights and scenery, and visiting several of our unique shops and attractions, much to the excitement of those who came in contact with her.

Over the years, her television co-stars, namely Tim Conway, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Jim Nabors, have graced our stage, so it was only fitting that we finally came full circle to have Ms. Burnett join the illustrious list of comedians who performed with her on The Carol Burnett Show.  The evening was filled with nostalgic video clips of brilliant comedy sketches from the show, some of her famous TV and movie guest stars, musical duets, and of course, those hilarious question and answer sessions.

Ms. Burnett totally engaged the audience with her grace and charm. She was fascinating to listen to while she recounted numerous stories, both entertaining and enlightening, and proved she’s still as quick-witted as ever. During one question and answer session, when a guest told her how wonderful she looked, Ms. Burnett quipped “How’s your eyesight?”

We also learned last evening that the Screen Actors Guild will be honoring the comedienne and TV legend with their highest tribute, namely, The 2015 SAG Life Achievement Award, this coming January. Per SAG, “The award is routinely given to an actor who fosters the ‘finest ideals of the acting profession.’”

For those of us who were fortunate enough to witness this magical evening in person, there’s only one other question we’d like to ask … “Ms. Burnett – How soon can you come back?”