Best Albums of 2012 List, Part 1

classic rock - records on a wooden tableEditors Note: To close out our 2012 blog entries, we thought that we’d ask our resident bloggers to share some words on their favorite albums of 2012. There is quite a vast array of musical styles in these lists, which is pretty neat and shows the range of interests in our team of bloggers. Now, without further ado, here’s our first entry for the Best Albums of 2012.

Given that I blog for a theatre company that does fresh interpretations of musical theatre, for AMT, and know almost all the lyrics to many a musical, you would think that the bulk of music I listen to in my free time is show tunes.  However, I’ll let you in on a little secret – IT’S NOT!

I love to listen to loud (mainly punk rock) music.  The kind that your parents (well, my parents did anyway) would tell you to “TURN IT DOWN.”  Perhaps my hearing would be better, but I wouldn’t have as much fun listening to it as I do.  And while 2012 did not see me purchase a myriad of new records, it did produce two new albums from (loud) bands I can not live without:

Not Your Kind of People – Garbage

An ironic name for a band that produces electronic-tinged rock at its finest.  Seven Garbage-NotYourKindofPeopleyears since their last release, lead singer Shirley Manson and crew (Butch Vig, Duke Erikson, and Steve Marker) are back with a vengeance.  I purchased this album via iTunes the day it was released because I’m such a massive fan and have been for sixteen years.  Shirley has been somewhat of a rock idol for me because of her tough yet tender vocals and demeanor (much like Chrissie Hynde of Pretenders fame).

Tunes such as Automatic System Habit and The One highlight Shirley’s famous Scottish spitfire persona.  Manson’s sweet side comes out in tracks such as Big Bright World and the band’s affectionate ode to their fans, Beloved Freak (sometimes we get so tired and weak/ lose the sky beneath our feet/ you are not alone).   I’m terribly elated I had some new Garbage to rock out to this year.  And I hope 2013 will not be another start of a 7-year hiatus for this band!

Comet – The Bouncing Souls

“The Souls” as they are affectionately called in our house win the award for “Band we BouncingSouls-Comethave seen live more times than we can count.”  We saw them twice this summer for release parties of their Comet album. Comprised of four Jersey Boys that have been friends since high school, The Souls have been making music for well over twenty years.  Comet delivers the Soul’s classic punchy punk rock sound in songs such as “Static” and “Baptized” and their teenager-like humor shines through in the goofy little romp “We Love Fun.”  My favorite song on the entire album is the acoustic dedication to (in the words of lead singer Greg Attonatio) “Why we’ve been a band for so damn long” – “Ship in a Bottle.

Oh my good friend/ let’s start something/ then throw it all out to the wind/ How many mountains will we conquer?/ We’ll never know till we begin.

It is the song I think I sing the most while in the shower, therefore, I deem it Bloggerina’s Song of the Year – which is WAY more prestigious than any Grammy.


Here is looking forward to 2013, and many more choruses sung and chords played, no matter how loud they may be.


Happy Holidays!
Steph, the PRiMA Bloggerina

Steph is a full-time stylist at Plum Salon and Spa, a part-time blogger extraordinaire for PRiMA Theatre Company.  Check out more of her zany musings at

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