Behind the Curtain: Actor Interviews

Music-of-the-Night-graphicFor a digital glimpse into some spectacular scenes of Music of the Night and to find out more about the show, check out this interview with two of the actors: Randy Jeter and Justin Neskie.

Be sure to catch our Original Show’s triumphant return before it’s gone!

Mike Rathfon is a member of American Music Theatre’s Marketing department. He can be reached on Twitter @MikeRathfon.

Video Transcript:

Interviewer: Now, for tonight’s show, is there acting or is it just music performances?

Randy Jeter: It’s all vocals, but we try to act with vocals. Hopefully a lot of us, you know, try not to just stand there and sing.

Interviewer: Have you guys performed in other AMT performances?

Justin Neskie: I have. This is, um, my fourth AMT show.

Interviewer: Wow! That’s great!

Randy: This is my first. I’ve been in the area for about a year and a half, worked at Sight & Sound for about a year. I was in New York on a couple of tours. I’ll be here for Christmas.

Interviewer: So, is this a lot of shows for you guys? Do you get tired? Does your voice get sore? How do you keep your stamina?

Randy: It depends. On a two-show day, we do a lot of singing. A lot of hard singing. We do a lot of solos, ensemble stuff. But, once you get in the show run, you’re kind of a little more comfortable. You know what you can do, how hard you can go. You get some food in your system, some water, and you’re fine. No biggie.

Interviewer: So, describe your favorite audience.

Justin: Um, one that, um, laughs a lot. I always enjoy the ones that laugh a lot and cheer after the show.

Randy: I agree. I think the louder, the better. We can feel it and that helps our performance out a lot. You don’t have to scream after every number, in between numbers. But, if you want to, that’d be great! That’s a little incentive for you guys.