Band Logos and the Comic Sans Test

In a previous post, I talked about how important a well-crafted Broadway show logo is to the production. I shared some classic show logos and compared the originals to a version where I switched out the font with the lovable, goofy, Comic Sans.

For this post, I thought I’d expand upon that a bit and share some iconic band logos with you. There are some articles that share a lot of great logos, but here I’ll just break them down a bit, and then also share with you what they’d look like if they were to be made with Comic Sans.


ABBA-logo-e1363265526506So the danceable, 70s band that led to the Broadway hit Mamma Mia has a simple, modern, somewhat refined, logo. It looks smart, sophisticated, and gets extra points for being reflective. Here, the comic sans font pretty much makes it feel the exact opposite.


Here’s another band logo that is strong, memorable, fierce, and the vibe it exudes is complete ACDC-logo-e1363265503430Rock & Roll. The use of red makes it feel a bit evil, too. Conversely, it’s pretty silly with the comic sans, right? I think we all can agree that it just doesn’t do AC/DC justice.


Kiss-logo-e1363265474249Sticking with the rock and roll theme, here’s KISS’s iconic logo. It’s slick, glamorous, big, and still has an edge. Just like the band. Now, take a look at the comic sans. It feels like it’s straight out of The Simpsons, and loses its appeal, doesn’t it?


I’ll share more down the road, but until then, what logos are iconic to you?