Backstage @ Broadway: THE BLOG (Part Three)

Broadway-thumbnail“Tra-la!  It’s May!”  (Name that show…)

It’s May at ol’ Broadway: Now & Forever and I am sitting here in the dressing room, at 15 minutes until the show, realizing that this blog is due on the 15th.  Thank goodness for that reminder, on so many levels!

First of all, let me start off by saying thank you to anyone who reads this!  I think it’ll be fun to give you a glimpse behind the curtain and into the lives of the performers here at American Music Theatre.  If you’ve already seen the show you may know me as your friendly neighborhood patron, Monsieur Thenardier in “Master of the House,” an assortment of other jolly characters throughout, or MAYBE you’ll recall my crazy tall-haired antics as an Elf in the 2011-2012 Christmas shows.


Generally about this time backstage the dancers have warmed up, the singers have sung their scales or run through their music (which *raises hand* may be multiple times,) and everyone is putting on their finishing touches which for some include a heavy amount of makeup, layers of costumes, and multiple pre-sets of props and garments just off-stage.  If you turn a random corner you might find yourself face-to-face with one of your favorite characters from an iconic Broadway musical, but to each of us, we are just great friends and colleagues, who are blessed to be able to come together and bring you this wonderful show each day.


This cast is stuffed with talented, supportive people, who are all full of personality.  If it looks like we’re having fun onstage, “duh” it’s because we are, and it’s because of you, the audience, that we are reminded how special it is to be able to step out onstage and do what we love!


Keep up over the next five months as I take you behind the curtain of Broadway: Now & Forever, and give you a glimpse into the lives of our cast, before, during, and after a performance.  Also, stay tuned for my upcoming video blog “Flip for Broadway!”

We just got “PLACES…” – Got to run!!!

– Michael

Michael J. Austin has been Featured Vocalist & Actor at American Music Theatre since 2011, beginning with Music of the Night: The Songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Find him on Facebook or visit his website at for more information!