BACKSTAGE BLOG – Behind the Scenes of Inspire

inspire - seven bridges roadWell, we did it! Inspire is here!

After weeks of rehearsing long and hard for Inspire, we have officially opened the show! I can personally say that I am overwhelmed with the positive response we have been receiving from the audience after every performance. I have the good fortune of being able to walk onstage slowly in my first number and quickly examine the audience. If the house isn’t that large, I am motivated to excite them and make them feel like they are getting a wonderful concert experience. If the house is packed, I am very energized thinking about big Inspire group numbers like “Seven Bridges Road” pictured below.

After each performance, the cast and band come down into the house to talk with audience members and sign programs, and it was then that I realized just how many audience regulars are a part of American Music Theatre. I’ve received nothing but warm welcomes into the AMT family. But more importantly, I truly understand the impact that this show is having on many audience members who tell us that they look forward to each and every AMT show because it fills them with so much joy and comfort. It truly makes the work all worth it.

Our official opening night was our “Pulling Back the Curtain” Preview Night where invited guests came to see the show. There was a lovely reception with lovely food and desserts beforehand, and we all dressed up pretty fancy. Pictured below are Missy Clayton and Corey O’Brien being very attractive and looking ready to charm guests. I’m not good at talking to people that I don’t know, but having a dessert in hand always makes things easier.
Rocky Blog 3 - Missy Corey crop

I have just been informed that the Theatre is holding a bake-off next week. If anyone thinks that I’m not going to win an award for my entry, then to that person I say, “You, sir or madam, are incorrect.”


— Rocky Paterra, Inspire Vocalist