All the Comforts of Home … On the Road

Prevost-coach-graphicIf you’ve ever parked or walked toward the back of our building when a celebrity is here for a show or concert, you’ve probably seen one or more of the huge custom motorhomes they use when they travel across the country.

One motorhome brand that frequently arrives at AMT is Prevost, a luxury touring coach with company headquarters in Sainte-Claire, Quebec, Canada.

In 1924, Eugene Prevost, a master craftsman and cabinet maker specializing in the production of church pews and school furniture, was commissioned to build his first wooden coach body and mount it on a brand-new REO truck chassis.

The design, structure, engineering, and amenities of today’s Prevost motorhomes have come a long way since Eugene’s first, original model.

For celebrities on a rigorous tour schedule, a motorhome provides safe, reliable, and comfortable transportation.  They can be configured for groups that travel together, for individuals accompanied by several guests, or for day trips accommodating as many as 25 people.

On board can be meeting, sleeping and living facilities, computer and communications systems, and any specialized workspaces, technology or equipment the artist may need.  They can also be custom-equipped with electronics and audio/visual equipment to provide a mobile studio for work or rehearsal while on the road.

Bedrooms or sleeping compartments, bathrooms with showers, cooking, dining and lounging areas are all amenities you’d expect to find in a motorhome.  But in some of the Prevost models our celebrities travel in, you just might find walk-in closets, ceiling fans, washers and dryers, full size refrigerator/freezers, dishwashers, recliners, microwave and convection ovens, a safe, filing cabinets, computer desks, flat screen plasma TVs, DVD and CD players, and surround sound systems.

When Mr. Prevost created his first wooden coach body 88 years ago, we’re sure he never imagined how many of his namesake coaches would find their way to American Music Theatre in Lancaster.