All About Classic Rock

classic rock - records on a wooden tableAre you a fan of classic rock, or looking to learn more about this fan-favorite genre? This is your guide all about classic rock. We’ll take a quick dive into the history, its evolution, and some of the largest acts in Classic Rock. Ready to get started? Rock on!

A Little History

“Classic Rock” began evolving as a format in the 1980s. Radio stations searching for their distinct voices started looking into older music for inspiration. After sifting through everything the past had to offer, stations like M105 in Cleveland landed on rock music from the 1960s. They played hits from the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Simon & Garfunkel, and The Who for starters. Eventually, they decided to call it Classic Rock, to distinguish it from current releases.

In 1983, entire radio stations devoted themselves to the budding Classic Rock genre. Stations like KRBE in Houston played only hits from the 60s and 70s, and excluded everything else altogether. More stations followed suit, and by 1986, the Classic Rock genre had become a household name.

The Evolution of a Genre

Classic Rock has endured over the years, and is still thriving today. Although new music is rarely introduced into the genre, and the collection can be limited, the popularity of Classic Rock has increased. Newer listeners from a different demographic have entered the Classic Rock arena – and only continue to grow.

Listeners of Classic Rock ages 18-34, or Millennials, are steadily increasing as time goes on. This group makes up an overwhelming 75.4 million people – and is outpacing the traditional Classic Rock listening Baby Boomers by leaps and bounds. Despite any early, or current, naysayers, Classic Rock is here to stay.

See You at a Show!

With the genre continuing to increase in popularity, there is no shortage of Classic Rock music to enjoy. Whether the original bands are still touring or other artists are offering incredible covers or tributes, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy this genre live and in person. Check out these Classic Rock Bands coming to AMT in 2018!