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BACKSTAGE BLOG – Once More from the Top

Posted on April, 15, 2015
Rehearsals are measured not in hours, but in calories burned. The cast and production team of Inspire have been hard at work these last two weeks making sure everything is pretty and perfect for opening day. There has been laughter, tears, sweat, and probably some blood, too, but I am trying to...

Your Name Was What?

Posted on April, 09, 2015
Did you know that today, April 9th, is Name Yourself Day? It’s your chance to give yourself whatever name you'd like ... for a day. In honor of Name Yourself Day, we decided to check out the names that some well-known musicians chose for themselves, along with the real life names that were...

BACKSTAGE BLOG – Feeling Pretty Inspired

Posted on March, 31, 2015
Michelle Rajotte, Ian Subsara, and Julie Keough-Mishler sneak in a selfie on break Ian Subsara rehearsing, while Andrea McCormick takes center stage Wess Cooke making us all feel emotions during rehearsal First day rehearsing with our fabulous...