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Carol Burnett … We Have a Question

Posted on August, 20, 2015
Carol Burnett
Last evening, AMT welcomed a comedy genius, an actor, a singer, a dancer, a producer, and an author to our stage. No, we didn’t host six different individuals – just one. One incredible bundle of talent named Carol Burnett, who, in addition to the accomplishments already noted, is a multiple...

Music and Movies – Will Ferrell

Posted on August, 12, 2015
Since the start of film, music and movies have created some incredibly memorable pairings, and we've touched on some of them in a previous blog post. As a refresher, though, who doesn’t immediately think of creepy, momentum-building piano part for JAWS, or the intensity of Hitchcock’s PSYCHO,...

What Would You Rather?

Posted on August, 07, 2015
We recently overheard a question and answer game of “Would You Rather” in the Theatre’s lobby between several pre-teen guests. It prompts us to ask: If you had to choose, would YOU rather … ... be a character in your favorite game or be a member of your favorite band? ... live...